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Microsoft Paint is a graphics editor developed and distributed by Microsoft Corporation. It has been included in all versions of Microsoft Windows since introduction of Windows 1.0 in 1985 and is still included in Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016. Program is not available for download MS Paint Mac and iPad. It is often considered to be a basic image editor for casual users due to its simplicity, but it does offer some advanced features for more experienced users.


Software user interface is simple and easy to use. App consists of a single window that can be resized, with menus at top, a toolbar on left, and an area for editing image in middle. There is no need to install Microsoft Paint Windows as it is already in operating system.Menus provide access to all of program's features, while toolbar contains shortcuts for commonly used commands. Editing area is where user can create and manipulate their images.


App is designed to be a very easy-to-use program. Its user interface is simple, and tools are labeled clearly and are user-friendly. If you have uninstalled program, you can easily download MS Paint Windows 10 to your PC. It also offers helpful tips and tutorials that can help new users get familiar with program quickly.


Application offers a selection of features and tools for working on and producing images. Software has a wide array of drawing tools, including a pencil, brush, line, circle, and polygon tools and a paint bucket. You can use MS Paint download Windows 7 and more modern operating systems. Application also has a set of image manipulation tools, such as a crop tool, a color picker, and a selection tool. Additionally, software has a number of filters and effects for enhancing images, as well as a set of text tools for adding text to images.


App comes with support from Microsoft. Program has a comprehensive help system, which includes a searchable knowledge base and tutorials. If necessary, Microsoft Paint download free from official site. Additionally, Microsoft website provides support forums where users can get help from other users or Microsoft staff.


  • How do I save my work in MS Paint app on laptop?
    You can save your work in product by selecting ‘Save As’ option from File menu. You can then select file format you want to save your work in, such as JPEG, PNG, or BMP.
  • How do I open software?
    You can open application by searching for product in Windows search bar or by going to Windows Start Menu and selecting ‘Paint’ application.
  • How do I draw shapes in productt?
    You can draw shapes in app by selecting ‘Shapes’ tool from toolbar, then clicking and dragging your mouse to define size and shape of shape you want to draw.
  • How do I change color of an object in app?
    To alter hue of an object in program, select it and then press 'Fill Color' icon from toolbar. From here, you can select color you want to use for object.
  • Can I have Microsoft Paint free download on my laptop?
    Yes, you can download applications to your computer for free.
  • How do I zoom in and out in application?
    You can zoom in and out in app by using zoom slider from toolbar. You can also zoom in and out by using keyboard shortcuts ‘Ctrl +’ and ‘Ctrl -’ respectively.
  • How do I erase an object in MS Paint online version on Windows 10?
    To get rid of an item in app, select 'Eraser' tool from toolbar and then glide mouse cursor over object you wish to delete.


Overall, MS Paint is a simple, easy-to-use program for creating and editing images. User interface is uncomplicated and provides a basic set of tools and features to create and edit images. Additionally, product has a comprehensive help system and support forums to provide users with assistance. Overall, it is an excellent program for casual users who want to create and edit images quickly and easily.

Install MS Paint App on Windows 7/10/11

Download for Free